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In Focus

Six and a half things to remember in Europe

by Anoop Deshpande

In Focus - Six and a half things to remember in Europe

Visa. Check. Traveller money. Check. Extra pair of socks. Check. Selfie stick. Double-check. The thing about checklists is that while they are the most evident manifestation of your OCD, they can be quite handy in ensuring that your travel plan is efficient, purposeful and tantrum-free. But there is only so much a checklist can do. If a pickpocket has decided to make you his financer for the day, no checklist in the world can prevent him from doing so.

So after an overdose of Facebook posts about how worthless my life is without travel and how I need to die if I don’t head to an exotic location to find some deeper meaning of life, I have decided to cave in to peer pressure and head to Europe in the summer. And that is why I need my very own checklist. Travelling to Europe in the tourist season can be quite daunting both financially and otherwise. What do I need to remember? What can I not miss? What do I need to avoid? Hence, the checklist.

So for a smooth and safe journey and so that you have the right stuff to post on Facebook after your trip, here are six and a half things you simply cannot ignore.


Getting Candid

Indraja Gugle speaks to Swati Raje, writer, journalist, and founder of Bhaashaa Foundation

Swati Raje, writer, journalist, and founder of Bhaashaa Foundation;

In an age where regional languages are rapidly losing importance in the Indian society thanks to the omnipresence of English, Swati Raje’s work comes as a gigantic boon to the preservation and enhancement of regional languages. A prolific writer, journalist and author of award-winning children’s books, academia and activism are in Raje’s blood. In 2008, she established Bhaashaa Foundation, an organisation which works towards the strengthening of regional languages through innovative community-based projects like mobile libraries, book corners in hospitals, teacher training programmes and storytelling festivals.

This month, BnP converses with Swati Raje about Bhaashaa Foundation’s interesting and holistic way of approaching language preservation and why this cultural reclamation must begin with children.


Mind Your Language

by Sandeep Nulkar

Mind Your Language - Revert

And so it seems that Corporate India takes human beings to be some kind of an object. Surprised? Me, not quite! If one uses words meant for objects when talking about humans, this is only a very hilariously logical extrapolation.

Join me this month as we dwell upon the usage of one such word that barely allows us to stay human.

Be Lingual

by Alifya Thingna

Be Lingual - Yoruba

The Yoruba people are one of the largest African ethnic groups to the south of the Sahara Desert. Any guesses for what language do they speak? That’s right, Yorùbá. So join the BnP team in discovering a fact or two about this African language that is popularly spoken in West Africa, especially Nigeria and Benin.

So What's Cooking?

by Sonali Kulkarni

So What's Cooking? - Broc and Feta omlete

The culinarily challenged person’s guide to a healthy breakfast

Yes, eggs are perfect because other than the cup of coffee and those instant noodles, eggs are your perpetual hunger saviours. We get it. Just like some of us, you are culinarily challenged and you are capable of burning the house down when all you wanted to do was make a sandwich. Fret not. Healthy and yummy breakfast is just 10 minutes away.


by Aditi Deodhar

FestiWall - Tübingen Duck race

So you are taking a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Necker and you chance upon the spectacular sight of thousands of ducks bobbing down the river. Just like races that involve horses, camels and other livestock, we bring to you - (drumroll please) - The Tübingen Duck race, albeit with a small twist! This event is a race between the rubber ducks usually found in our bathtubs and not the usual feathered variety as one may expect.

The Road Not Taken - San Francisco

The Road Not Taken

by Anoop Deshpande

I almost titled this article “21 random signs that you need to travel to some random place”. That would have been enough to get your curiosity. Now that I do have your curiosity, let me get your attention by getting you to read past the third sentence. Ever heard of The City? Ever wondered what city could be nicknamed City by the Bay or The Paris of the West? Let me make it simpler, by doing a pseudo-007. It’s Frisco. San Francisco.


In The News

In The News - Kelyane Bhashantar

When Indian languages are fighting a battle for survival, there are few who are working hard to keep them alive. In this issue, we salute the spirit and people behind ‘Kelyane Bhashantar,’ a tri-monthly that publishes short stories in Marathi translated from various foreign languages.

Started by Mr Vidyasagar Mahajan, Mrs Sunanda Mahajan, Dr. Vivekananda Phadke and Mrs Anagha Bhat-Behere, this tri-monthly is a virtual treat for lover of quality literature.

As is the case with such initiatives, ‘Kelyane Bhashantar’ is always in short supply when it comes to contributors, despite they being willing to pay a nominal honorarium as its reader base is limited to only a few hundred.

Let us all join hands to support this great initiative by subscribing, contributing by offering to translate short stories or by simply spreading the word.

No matter how you wish to contribute, you can get in touch with Mrs Sunanda Mahajan at

Your Opinion Counts

Do subtitles enhance the experience of watching a movie?

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