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In Focus

Six and a half things to remember in Europe

by Anoop Deshpande

In Focus - Six and a half things to remember in Europe

Visa. Check. Traveller money. Check. Extra pair of socks. Check. Selfie stick. Double-check. The thing about checklists is that while they are the most evident manifestation of your OCD, they can be quite handy in ensuring that your travel plan is efficient, purposeful and tantrum-free. But there is only so much a checklist can do. If a pickpocket has decided to make you his financer for the day, no checklist in the world can prevent him from doing so.

So after an overdose of Facebook posts about how worthless my life is without travel and how I need to die if I don’t head to an exotic location to find some deeper meaning of life, I have decided to cave in to peer pressure and head to Europe in the summer. And that is why I need my very own checklist. Travelling to Europe in the tourist season can be quite daunting both financially and otherwise. What do I need to remember? What can I not miss? What do I need to avoid? Hence, the checklist.

So for a smooth and safe journey and so that you have the right stuff to post on Facebook after your trip, here are six and a half things you simply cannot ignore.


Getting Candid

Indraja Gugle speaks to Amitosh Nagpal, actor, writer and lyricist

Amitosh Nagpal, actor, writer and lyricist;

A terrific mixed bag of talent, Amitosh Nagpal is widely acclaimed for the play Piya Behrupia, a Hindi adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, which opened at the Globe Theatre in London. In addition to playing the role of Sebastian, he has also translated the entire play that has earned tremendous international success. Amitosh has previously worked in movies like ‘Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye’ (2008), ‘Dabangg’ (2010), ‘Rangrezz’ (2013) and has written dialogues for ‘Gulaab Gang’ (2013).

BnP caught up with the actor while he was in town to receive the Special Recognition award at the BITS Annual Translation Industry award. Here he speaks to us about performing at the Globe, translating literature and how language is constantly evolving in the entertainment industry.


Mind Your Language

by Sandeep Nulkar

Mind Your Language - Bath

So we Indians seem to be making path-breaking contributions to the art of bathing! Throughout history there have been references to various types (therapeutic, public, hot public) and kinds (sponge) of baths, but nothing in recorded history that beats the specificity of the kind of bathing we seem to be indulging in. Or is it yet again, simply, our inability to use the right words? Errr… Ummm… let’s find out.

Be Lingual

by Sushant Bothe

Be Lingual - Haitian creole

What do the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica have in common? Among breathtaking beaches, picturesque panoramas, pristine blue waters, piquant Jerk cuisine and a definite spot on most of our bucket lists, they are flanked by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on either side. Another prominent island in these Caribbean waters is an island called Hispaniola. So this month as BnP celebrates creoles, let us learn a little more about Haitian Creole – the language of Haiti, situated on the west of Hispaniola.

So What's Cooking?

by Sonali Kulkarni

So What's Cooking? - Broc and Feta omlete

The culinarily challenged person’s guide to a healthy breakfast

Yes, eggs are perfect because other than the cup of coffee and those instant noodles, eggs are your perpetual hunger saviours. We get it. Just like some of us, you are culinarily challenged and you are capable of burning the house down when all you wanted to do was make a sandwich. Fret not. Healthy and yummy breakfast is just 10 minutes away.


by Aditi Deodhar

FestiWall - Tübingen Duck race

So you are taking a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Necker and you chance upon the spectacular sight of thousands of ducks bobbing down the river. Just like races that involve horses, camels and other livestock, we bring to you - (drumroll please) - The Tübingen Duck race, albeit with a small twist! This event is a race between the rubber ducks usually found in our bathtubs and not the usual feathered variety as one may expect.

The Road Not Taken - Sathodi Waterfalls

The Road Not Taken

by Sonali Kulkarni

I was rather skeptical when my travel buddies told me of an unexplored waterfall in northern Karnataka that had stunned them (quite visibly!) with its “unapologetic self-assurance.” Those are some really strong words of praise for an unassuming cascade lost in nowhereness, I thought. And never have I been this wrong. I was put to shame by its sheer serenity. So allow me to take you to Sathodi; this gem of a waterfall that hums its own tune far far away on the road not taken.


In The News

In The News - Translation course

Text="Translation course at the Alliance Franҫaise de Pune"

Alliance Franҫaise de Pune in collaboration with BITS Private Limited is proud to announce a one-of-its-kind French-English translation course. This academia-industry initiative was an instant hit last year with its application based approach. The course aims to expose students to the basic translation techniques and will help them develop varied language, research and formatting skills which are indispensible to a career in translation. With resource people from an institute as esteemed as the Alliance Franҫaise and industry-experts from BITS, this 100-hour module covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of translation.

An excellent programme for aspiring translators, it will not only introduce them to the translation industry but will also polish their language skills.

Dates: Contact the Alliance Franҫaise de Pune on (+91) 83 79 09 06 66 for more details.

Your Opinion Counts

Acquiring and retaining knowledge will be easier if children are taught subjects in their mother tongue up to standard X.

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